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Garden Centres

The construction of garden-centres is one of the specialities of Nobutec. Everyone willing to know all about constructing garden-centres in Holland and abroad is at the right spot with Nobutec. .
At Nobutec Mark Segers is the responsable specialist for the garden-centres. With his many years of experience and his abundant references Mark Segers is an icon in the business of constructing garden centres. The official name of the Nobutec-section that constructs garden-centres is: Nobutec Tuincentra Projekten BV.

The construction of garden-centres is very complex and uses all the skills Nobutec has to offer. Greenhouse-technique for large parts of the building, and our knowledge of 'specialties' for the other parts of the construction. Screening is our speciualty for covering the glass--parts of the greenhouse-construction . And putting solar-panels on the roof is also a Nobutec-specialty.
In contructing a garden-centre all the special skills at Nobutec meet and work together to make a better product. Mark Segers loves to explain it all in detail.