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When you are good in constructing greenhouses, you may also use that skill to build houses.

In a green-house one may live a good live, in a good climate, under one condition, the use of double glass.

Nobutec constructed 11 energy-friendly green-houses in Culemborg between tussen 2006 and 2009, green-houses. Because greenhouses are per definition tranparent we put in wooden walls to form rooms. And a brick façade. On the roof we put solar-collectors for the hot water and solar panels for electricity.

Because in basic it are greenhouses, we did not change the ventaliation-system, roofwindows that can be opened by a motor, as in standard greenhouses.

The houses are built near a natural resever area, so when the windows are open, you really live with nature.
Green-houses are no problem to build for Nobutec, we love to do it...