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When we plan to put solar panels on the roof, we always look at the existing electrical system in place before we even start.

Inverters that are able to produce 600 W or more must be connected to a new/separate power group. Below 600W you may plug in the cable from the inverter into every wall-socket you like.

Inverters up to about 3600 W can be connected to a power group of 16A. For bigger/heavier systems we need a stronger fuse. Just because when the sun shines brightly one day the fuse may burn. Not very dangerous, but a pity of al that solar power that will be lost. Because the solar system disconnects from the grid when the fuse is burned.

When you want to use a stronger fuse, please check the main fuse. This one needs to be stronger than the strongest fuse used in the home power system. When using an inverter that need a fuse of 25A, you may need a main fuse of at least 40A.

All homes and small offices in The Netherlands do have a main fuse of 25A. Making that stronger will cost you. So it is sometimes cheaper to put in place two inverters on different power groups than just one big/strong inverter that would overload the power group.

For bigger solar installations we use three faze inverters. Then we split the power of the inverter in three so we can use the existing power groups, without altering the system.