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Twin Façade Screens

The principle of twin façade-screens is as unique as it is durable. The rolling-tube is halfway, in the middle of the screen. To assure the strait and evenly rolling of the screen.

At your choice you may use different screens above and below the rolling-tube. Just to optimize the energy-savings, light-blackout and block out.

You even can fix the screens at the outside of the greenhouse. And twin façade-screens are often used as separation between compartments of the greenhouse. Or to make a 'wall' next to a path to separate the crops from the walking area.

And at last twin façade screens can be installed when a roof roll cannot be used in the side façades and at the front-end of the greenhouse For the gearing we use different sorts of motors, depending on the length of the screen . All to assure the best quality, usability and reliability. And a long lifespan…