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Solar Reflection Screens

Solar reflection screens are most frequently used in flower- and plant cultivation. The block-out percentage of sunlight can vary between 10% to 90%. You may choose an open or closed structure, flame retardant, etc. On warm days it protects, cools and brings light to the plants from many angles - stimulating growth.
At night it helps reduce radiated heat loss, minimizing the formation of dew and so minimizing the risk of fungal diseases.

In cool climates solar reflection screens are often installed together with energy saving screens Horizontal screenings are often used in single, dual or even triple layers. Wired of with push-systems. Installing several screens demands a professional advice. Not only to be sure to choose the right system , but also not to overload the construction of your greenhouse. Screening weights a lot.

Several screens make the load on the construction heavier . If you plan a new greenhouse you should take that in mind. And with an existing greenhouse, the load-calculation needs to be made accurately We surely like to help you with that calculation. We are specialized to calculate the forces that are freed with the application of several screens in a greenhouse. And which adjustments need to be made to the construction of the greenhouse to be able to install those screen load.