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Insect Netting

Nowadays insect play an important role in biological growing of greenhouse-crop.
To keep those insects inside the greenhouse and harmful insects outside insect control screens are indispensable.
Our screensystems are perfectly integratable in every type of greenhouse.
A big advantage of uor small insect control screensystems is that you wil not loose any lightfall on your crop.

The possibility to get a real plague inside your greenhouse is reduced to a minimum with our insect-control screens. So any investment in insect control screens pays itself back very fast.


To fit on the ventilation-windows of widespan-greenhouses our special insect control screens are perfect. The optimal ventilation is 100% guaranteed. The insect control screens folds as a harmonica. And it is adaptable to new and existing greenhouses.


Specially made for the 1,2 or 3 window ventilation-systems in Venlo-greenhouses we sell an insect control system that opens and shuts with the ventilation-window. It folds like a harmonica. The compact system is adaptable for new and existing greenhouses. It assures optimal ventilation and a minimal loss of light . It is available in three different hole-sizes, providing a secure barrier to even the smallest insects.