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Heating Systems

Heating is a crucial element in the pursuit for the optimal climate in your greenhouse. Proper heating systems can extend the growing season throughout the winter, which can be particularly good for the business model of your greenhouse operation.
The heating systems Nobutec supplies are designed to keep the temperature throughout the greenhouse at the required level, whilst functioning as a clever logistic solution for harvesting. The so-called tube-rail heating system is, besides heating, not only important for transportation, but also an important instrument to dehumidify the greenhouse.

The tube-rails in the greenhouse is a closed circuit that holds water, heated by the central boiler. Distributing hot water through the tube-rail system is the cleanest form of heating, and thus most beneficial to the greenhouse crops.
In addition, or as substitute to the tube-rail heating system, Nobutec also supplies:
• Vegetation Heating
• Snowmelt Heating
• Monorail Heating
• Gable Heating
• Table heating