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Business Premises

In addition to the greenhouse, the business premises plays a large part in the success of a horticultural operation. It is where vegetables and flowers are graded, packed and made ready for transport, where the employees have their breaks, customers are welcomed and most importantly; the business premises is where the greenhouse operation is coordinated from. The business premises is key for the internal logistics, satisfaction of the employees, the corporate hygiene and the presentation of the business.
Nobutec has vast experience with these business premises. Arie Vreugdenhil is our well-known specialist for the construction of offices, service areas, sanitary facilities and boiler rooms. Arie Vreugdenhil has been involved in the larger share of greenhouse projects in the Westland region in The Netherlands for the development of business premises.

By continuously seeking the combination of esthetics and functionality, Arie Vreugdenhil exceeds the expectations of its customers on a regular basis. The combination of conventional construction materials and materials used for greenhouses makes Nobutec’s business premises a unique distinguishing mark for the customer’s new endeavor.