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Imagine ... you are looking for a 'place-to-be'. For yourself and your customers. A paradise full of green plants and everything that goes with them. A place to give your customers the feeling to come home. Where you can advise them in a perfect ambiance how they can take this feeling home with them. Your specialism is a guarantee for the success of this mission...

With pleasure we help you with óur specialism, constructing gardencenters, to realise with you the perfect building and facilities.

How we do that?
At Nobutec Tuincentra Projekten B.V. we let prevail the wish of the customer and the use of the building. The turnkey completion of large and small projects is just running through our veins.
But constructing a new gardencenter is not always necessary. You also may change your existing gardencenter with some clever details to give it a quite different look.
Perhaps we could advise you in a meeting to realise your custom made 'center of experience'.